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Welcome to my website! I’m Dr. Jeannie Constantinou and I am a professor, podcaster, author, and speaker on the Bible and Early Christianity. I am especially drawn to the New Testament because it contains profound wisdom, in particular the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. I am an Orthodox Christian and because of that, my orientation is always rooted in the thought, beliefs and practices of the early Church.  My greatest desire is to make the Bible come alive for people. For decades I have been a professor at religious and secular institutions, from the community college level to graduate schools of theology. I have spoken to a wide variety of religious and secular groups on many different topics related to the Bible and early Christianity. I have many degrees, but I believe that my years of experience as the wife of a pastor has given me a special sensitivity into pastoral issues which are often connected to theological questions and should be taken into consideration.


The Bible can be challenging for people to understand. The cultural norms, ideas and expressions of biblical times are very different from our times. The words and events in the Bible cannot be correctly understood, applied, and interpreted unless we begin by understanding their meaning in the original, historical context and considering their original purpose.  This is fundamental and it is essential if anyone wishes to avoid misinterpreting the Bible. After understanding the original context and purpose, we can continue to discuss the meaning and apply the Scriptures to our lives and to our times. I invite you to explore my site and learn more about my background, my podcasts, my books, and my speaking topics and recent speaking engagements.


Thinking Orthodox: Understanding and Acquiring the Orthodox Christian Mind
is the latest book by Dr. Jeannie.

"A marvellously timely book that is an education in itself as well as being a delight to read."

Thinking Orthodox: Understanding and Acquiring the Orthodox Christian Mind
Dr. Jeannie talks about her new book
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Dr. Jeannie Constantinou is the creator of Search The Scriptures, an Orthodox Bible study produced by Ancient Faith Radio.


Search The Scriptures Live! is her live Bible study podcast taking place Mondays at 5PM Pacific / 8PM Eastern.