Apocalyptic fervor gripped the Eastern Roman Empire as late antiquity drew to a close. Andrew, archbishop of Caesarea, was tasked with writing what would become the first Greek patristic commentary on the Apocalypse and the single most influential commentary on any biblical book. His work became the predominant and standard patristic commentary for the Greek East as well as the Slavic, Armenian, and Georgian churches. It was so highly regarded that it was directly responsible for the eventual acceptance of Revelation into the canon of Oriental and Eastern Orthodox churches.
Eugenia Scarvelis Constantinou’s groundbreaking book, the first ever written about Andrew, analyzes his historical milieu, education, style, methodology, theology, eschatology, and pervasive and lasting influence. She explains the direct correlation between Andrew of Caesarea and fluctuating status of the book of Revelation in the Eastern Christianity through the centuries.

Guiding to a Blessed End: Andrew of Caesarea and His Apocalypse

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