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The original Search the Scriptures podcast began in 2008 on Ancient Faith Radio. It was designed as an “interesting and accessible” Bible study for busy people. It has been very successful and has an international following. There are about 265 lessons and most are about 45 minutes long. They begin with a basic introduction to the Bible and cover most of the Old Testament. I discuss important passages and important issues, especially those important to the early Church, raised in those Old Testament books. There is also special series of podcasts  on the Trial and Crucifixion of Christ, followed by the Resurrection as well as lessons on special topics such as doubt and whether Jesus was married.

After ten years of pre-recorded Search the Scriptures podcasts,  I was invited to begin a live, call in radio podcast, Search the Scriptures LIVE! which I continue to host on Mondays at 5 p.m. Pacific Time. Click here to listen live on Mondays from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. Pacific time. To listen to previously aired podcasts at any time, click on the button under the image which reads “podcast archives.” Podcasts are listed in reverse order with the most recent podcasts on top.

For easy access to both podcasts - the original Search the Scriptures and Search the Scriptures LIVE! – go to On this site all of the lessons can be found beautifully organized by Greg Patrick. There you will find brief descriptions of each podcast and often study questions which were created by listeners who used the lessons for their parish Bible classes. Eventually, we will bring all of the lessons to this site. But for now, you can access all of the podcast lessons on one page without scrolling through multiple pages on


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Click to visit Search The Scriptures
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